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Time is slowly in the past from Gu Tongqiu practice into Sanxian has passed a few months during this period Yunyang is the same practice and Gu Tongqiu a dry person is also no movement which makes Yunyang feel a little abnormal and Li Wei there there is no meaning of urging Since the enemy can't move I'll move first Yunyang didn't want to have a long night and many dreams so he immediately got up and went to find Gu Tongqiu Brother Gu you can be here Standing outside the courtyard of Gu Tongqiu's retreat Yunyang shouted Ha ha brother Mo it's hard for you to find me After a while Gu Tongqiu flew out I'm not afraid to disturb your smart board for conference room retreat how about it This period of time should also stabilize their own cultivation Yun Yang looked at Gu Tongqiu but found that this guy is somewhat different obviously has consolidated the body of Sanxian formally into the way of Sanxian cultivation Thanks to you Brother Mo my cultivation is stable and I'm going to consult you

Brother Mo Gu Tongqiu said with a smile this period of time he has been in retreat in addition to consolidating the body of Sanxian but in the practice of his previous means against the enemy in the absence of better skills it is also a good choice to clean up the old capital Oh my brother has something to do with me I'll help if I can Yun Yang said magnanimously In fact nothing but there is something to practice to consult Mo brothers after all I just stepped into the intersection of Sanxian a lot of things need Mo brothers to mention it Gu Tongqiu said very sincerely Oh does this guy have a conscience and suddenly don't want to deal with himself If they didn't know their plans before I'm afraid Yunyang would really be deceived by Gu Tongqiu's sincere appearance but now the use of a little more precaution will smart boards for conference rooms not be so easy to believe him Ha ha Gu Laodi thinks highly of me The cultivation of Sanxian is like that but there is no way to improve the cultivation I haven't heard of anything that can improve the cultivation except crossing the robbery Brother you can be at ease Yun Yang naturally won't tell Gu Tongqiu that his current Sanxian practice is simply wrong or incomplete He has authentic Sanxian practice skills but he won't give them to Gu Tongqiu Oh it seems to be true then

I do not insist but I do not know brother Mo came to me this time but there is something Gu Tongqiu as a veteran of the practice to cross the robbery is a thief Zei8 COM eBook Thief Bar ZEi8 COm eBook Thief Bar Zei8 COM ebook thief bar Zei8 COM e-book ¨ Naturally I know what kind of existence Sanxian is in the realm of cultivation It can be said that Sanxian is a group of sad people Apart from crossing the plunder there is really no way to cultivate and improve As for Tian Zhongyu said that the mysterious organization in the hands of the practice method 86 smart board I am afraid it is only a means of strengthening the various stages of Sanxian and not enough to let people improve the body cultivation at most only to enhance the strength so that the chance of crossing the robbery is a little bigger But he is a little confused about Mo Feng to find himself I am afraid this Mo Feng is nothing to go to the Three Treasures Palace ah In fact it's no big deal just found an interesting place before want to invite Gu Laodi to explore with you maybe there will be unexpected gains Yun Yang said with a smile Oh I didn't expect that this ice star still has a place that you are interested in brother Mo so I'll accompany you to have a look As soon as Gu Tongqiu heard Yunyang say that he wanted him to explore a place he immediately became a little interested You should know that he had stayed in Bingling Star for thousands of years but he was very familiar with it Now listening to the meaning of Mo Feng he was a little afraid of that place and the place that could make a scattered immortal afraid was not a sign of taking advantage Yunyang with Gu Tongqiu in the ice Lingxing around the eldest brother but finally directly to the direction of no back to the valley yes Yunyang this is to take

Gu Tongqiu to no back to the valley Now there is no back to the valley but Yunyang's headquarters Yunyang to deal with Gu Tongqiu and can not be found by Li Wei naturally can not kill it but also to this Gu Tongqiu with their own then the only possibility is to control and when it comes to the means of control it is estimated that no one in the real world is really comparable to smartboard for business Ziyun this demon king So Yun Yang tricked Gu Tongqiu out in the name of exploration but with the idea of letting Ziyun Demon King clean him up Approaching Wuhui Valley Gu Tongqiu finally reacted where is Mo Feng going to take himself "Brother Mo are you going to Wuhui Valley" "Oh does my brother also know that there is no return to the valley" Yunyang asked Nonsense When I was here you didn't know where I was Gu Tongqiu secretly thought but had to answer "This is a dangerous place for ice stars I've been here before but I haven't gone deep into it Now I'm just going to explore the actual situation with Brother Mo" "I also happened to know that there is such a place so I invited Gu Laodi to come and have a look With the strength of the two of us it is estimated that nothing will be difficult for us" Yun Yang continued to flicker

That's smartboards for business true but we'd better be careful This no-return valley has existed for a long time but no one has unveiled its mystery It is estimated that it also has its unique features Gu Tongqiu agreed with Yunyang's words If the two masters of Sanxian were still trapped in a small valley it would be too bad No back to the valley still filled with thick fog cloud Yang for no back to the valley in the array layout nature is very familiar with no kind of him nature will not let Gu Tongqiu to break into the array Gu Laodi I have been to this no return valley but only into the middle have to back out you see if we follow the route I entered before or find another way Yunyang looked at the valley without much change but said that if Gu Tongqiu agreed to Yunyang to lead the way it would be best Yunyang decided not to let him go the right way and if he wanted to go straight Yunyang would have plenty of time to trap him after touching the array Since Brother Mo has broken through before what if he breaks through again according to your previous way Gu Tongqiu did not know that Yunyang was playing small ninety-nine which is not to say how much trust he had in Yunyang but he also knew that it was better to let Yunyang lead the way safely than to rush aimlessly hsdsmartboard.com

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Occasionally when the wind is calm Tang San will release Xiaowu from the Ruyi treasure bag and breathe the air outside But really to the sea how long can it be calm However Xiaowu's adaptability was better than he had imagined After feeling seasick several times her symptoms disappeared faster than Zhu Zhuqing's And Oscar Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong this day and night down not to mention the practice even dare not eat anything vomiting interactive whiteboard for schools many times so that they look pale a look at any time may collapse However after all they are more than 60 soul division the body after many transformations adaptability is very strong has gradually been able to adapt to the sea turbulence At noon the next day the sea was finally calm again In the direct sunlight the cabin was filled with warmth and several seasick people reluctantly drank some fish soup and went to rest Their bodies are recovering as they adapt to the sea journey Tang San stood on the deck and looked into the distance At sea he could only tell the direction by the sun

He probably calculated that the direction of the Sea Devil was not wrong Approaching Poseidon Island Haider came to Tang San's side and said respectfully "Dear Mr Soul Master according to the current voyage we will arrive at our destination in about eight days" However after about half a day's journey you will enter the area where the soul beast is active When the time comes we will have to rely on you Since seeing the white aloes flying in the air at a very high speed the captain has become more respectful to the people Tang San said quietly "Captain Haider you often 4k smart board go on long voyages" Generally speaking if you encounter a powerful soul beast what will you do Haider smiled and said "Generally speaking soul beasts rarely attack ships" Only a small number of extremely irascible soul beasts have a record of attacking ships on their own initiative Therefore as long as we do not provoke the soul beast in the sea most of them will not be a problem If you really encounter those particularly powerful and bad-tempered soul beasts you can only admit your bad luck After all no matter how strong the ship is it is impossible to withstand those horrible guys Every year many people go to sea and die It is equivalent to a memorial ceremony for these sea soul beasts But you can rest assured our ship the ship body is smeared with special medicine to drive away the soul beast the soul beast hates this smell generally will not approach

The captain of an ocean-going ship has a chart in his mind and with this chart most of us can ensure the safety of our passengers "Oh" What chart is it Tang San asked curiously Haider said "The chart of the distribution of the powerful sea soul beast" Soul beasts on the sea are similar in some ways to soul beasts on land They also have their own territory And the concept of territory is stronger than the land soul beast touch screen interactive whiteboard Therefore as long as we do not enter the territory of those particularly powerful sea soul beasts we will not offend them and cause trouble At this point his face could not help showing some pride Tang San looked at him thoughtfully and said "It seems that the captain knows the soul beast very well" Haider's face changed slightly and he said "When you beg for food on the sea you have to know more" You can live longer in this way Don't you think so Tang San smiled but said nothing more and turned his eyes back to the sea The time at sea passed quickly and soon night fell Tonight is a fine day and we can clearly see the stars and the moon in the sky

The beautiful scenery of the rising moon on the sea makes people more easily intoxicated With today's fine weather several people who are seasick have recovered They were not in the mood to enjoy the beautiful scenery and went to bed early Tang San hugged Xiaowu and lay half on the bed in his cabin The cabin is not big and there is not much room to move around except the bed Through the window you can just see the bright moonlight Although the sea breeze is not strong the sea temperature is still very low in the middle of the night the chill pours 75 inch smart board in from the crack of the door and the temperature in the cabin is not high Tang San folded the thick mattress into two layers and spread them on the inside of the bed so that Xiaowu could feel more soft and comfortable lying on it The whole quilt is also covered on Xiaowu And he himself lay outside in his clothes shielding Xiaowu from the cold outside Although the conditions are more difficult Tang San enjoys this feeling very much and can shelter his lover from the wind and rain which is a kind of happiness for him Xiaowu leaned on Tang San's shoulder and fell asleep with a small hand on Tang San's chest and long eyelashes on his eyelids occasionally fluctuating slightly Looking at the moonlight outside and then looking at the person in his arms who was more beautiful than the moonlight Tang San could not help feeling a little crazy

When Tang San was sleepy and hazy he suddenly felt a slight movement of his mental strength and when he opened his eyes warily he saw a ray of red light slip out of his body and quietly merge into the body of the little dance And in the sleep of the small dance also so opened his eyes Four eyes face each other small 75 smart board dance that pair of beautiful big eyes have been restored staring at Tang San beautiful eyes are full of bitterness Without waiting for Tang San to open her mouth she rushed to say "Brother how can you not cherish yourself so much" "I" Looking at Xiaowu's eyes Tang San's heart has been filled Get up quickly Xiaowu gently pushed Tang San and let him get out of bed She quickly re-laid the folded mattress a touch of bright red on her pretty face and pulled Tang San back to bed Then cover their bodies with quilts

Tang San only felt a silky body into his arms the arms have been tightly wrapped around his neck warm hot elastic body gently twisted has been fully fitted on the body of Tang San That kind of moving feeling almost instantly made Tang San produce the most primitive instinctive reaction Burying his head in Tang San's shoulder socket Xiao Wu said softly "Brother if you feel uncomfortable you can have me" I was yours too all my life Tang San gently touched Xiaowu's long black hair and kissed her on her forehead "No I'm very greedy" Fool I want to live forever 。 hsdsmartboard.com

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All the maids were in a hurry They couldn't forget such an important thing They went out and came back without a gift to their elders It didn't make sense Girl madam is the girl's mother now how can you always call madam It doesn't matter if we listen 65 inch smart board to it but if we are not careful to be heard by other people who talk about it it will spread to the lady for a while The girl is too imprudent Without disease he felt something was wrong when he heard the usual name and he quickly reminded him Usually do not know this truth but in her mind Xiu Niang is her mother although Mrs Chen is kind to herself but always far away But after hearing what Wu Bing said she also knew that Wu Bing was really thinking about herself If you always do not change when a slip of the tongue by irrelevant people who like to talk about things to listen to it is inevitable to be a trouble Then laugh "Know without disease elder sister" I won't dare to do it again "Girl don't be garrulous

The maidservant can't afford it" No disease no way to look at the ordinary this girl usually honest occasionally naughty it is really too much But looking at the girl still treat them as before and did not see the slightest strange appearance the last stone in her heart also fell I knew that with the girl's character I would not blame them but they owed the girl in the end received such a great kindness from the girl but abandoned the girl at the critical moment She will always remember this guilt and take it as a warning It was only the girl's good temper that was so good to them as slaves not only did she not beat or scold them but also cared about their affairs as her own When they heard what had happened to their family they were as anxious as they were That year my father accidentally broke his leg and couldn't drive for several months They couldn't even open the pot at home At that time she had just served the girl and didn't dare to show her face When she first arrived at Xichun Garden she was taught that even if her mother and father died she couldn't cry and spoil the master's fun So she only cried alone in the yard in the dead of night Who knew or woke up the girl she trembled to tell the matter to the girl thought to 65 inch touch screen be scolded and beaten who knew the girl took out her own monthly silver asked her to go back to see a doctor for her father but also to supplement the household income later from her monthly silver deduction I never thought there would be such a thing without illness

And this kind of thing is more than one the girl is really deliberately for their sake such a master who can not respect not love it She abandoned the girl just because she was afraid for a moment and she swore that such a thing would never happen again Whether you go to heaven or earth you will never leave the girl without illness Worry-free slowly combed the girl's hair one by one This was her girl and she came back to her at last Girl Wuyou didn't leave you on purpose Wuyou is not afraid of hardship and tiredness He is not afraid of anything He just promised a person No matter how hard and tired he is he can't fall into the dust That's why Wuyou left you However really left the girl left them without disaster only to know that nothing is more important than you Even the promises of the past are not as important as what you mean to worry-free touch screen board classroom Girl Wuyou will never leave you again It is you who give Wuyou a feeling of home From then on no matter where the girl is Wuyou will be there Worry-free poured water in looking at the girl combing her hair looking at several sisters without illness disaster and worry and finally everyone was together again

From now on never separate again After letting a few wenches dress up at ordinary times turned a circle in situ "How is your girl good-looking" "Good looking good looking" "No disease do not know whether to laugh or cry every time when everyone is a little sentimental the girl likes to tease them" Go quickly and then go late be careful that the madam is angry "Then you stay and talk and I'll be right back" Usually one step two back to the ground confessed and confessed can see these several wenches gather together again is she did not think of Usually dare not imagine if now let her touch screen whiteboard send them away she does not know whether to give up

It was because of this separation that she realized that these girls were so important to her They are as important as Sister Fu'er and Sister Brocade Now with Fu's sister they have been very difficult to get together only these girls is the only thing she can have She must treat them well Out of the yard I came to Mrs Chen's house The little girl had a wink and when she saw that she had come she did not stop her so she immediately raised the curtain He said hello to them with a smile and then went in Mrs Chen is holding a needle and thread do not know what to sew such Mrs Chen is rare usually can not help but feel a little strange in her eyes Mrs Chen is always so high above when will do these things "Mother you're usually late" Chapter one hundred and fifty birthday gifts As soon as she saw that she was smart board touch screen coming Mrs Chen waved to her with a smile and said "I'm coming Come and sit here" Mrs Chen seems to be in a good mood today Mother what are you doing Perhaps it was because Mrs Chen's appearance today was particularly cordial and she usually relaxed a lot Mrs Chen felt a little embarrassed and said "Your brother is going to give birth in a month

I want to embroider a sachet or something for him as a birthday gift Usually do you think this pattern is OK" Mrs Chen picked up a painting on the table and handed it to her It was a pattern that she had paid a high price for a famous painter in Yangzhou to paint She was going to embroider the pattern in this way Usually take a look but not some of the usual patterns but a small tiger in the butterfly the painting is quite lively and vivid people like to see the heart very childlike is usually seen also feel very moved Niang this is very good Yuer has always liked tigers if you can receive such a gift you must be very happy Say that finish usually some ashamed tunnel "I'm sorry Niang I have forgotten Yuer's birthday is coming" 。 hsdsmartboard.com

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Lovesickness reluctantly went into the inner room and found no one everywhere It was not until he saw a faint figure moving behind the screen that he knew Shen was there What are you doing here Acacia went to the other end of the screen and asked Shen has no time to refuse lovesickness has appeared in front of her There was nothing on her lower body and her long legs were as smooth as onion white Acacia who is also a woman can't help swallowing interactive touch screens education saliva when she sees such a gorgeous picture Not to mention men Shen's side has always been a group of servant girls and servants there is no need for her to do it herself so tie up the moon belt no rules how can not do it But she would not ask Acacia for help preferring to tinker with it herself Without saying a word Acacia went behind her and helped her get up

Before lovesickness how delicate a concubine can be but she smelled the fragrance of Shen's body and then saw the appearance of her fine skin and tender flesh compared with her rough hands and the inferior honey locust fragrance on her clothes it was simply a heaven and earth Only then did she believe that they were two people from different worlds and that the other side was really a charming girl who did not touch the spring water Hey I take back what I said before Acacia said to Shen while tying the moon belt Shen turned his head and looked at her doubtfully Acacia then said "You should have suffered a lot on your way to Datong right" According to the time you set out from the capital although slower than before but the Marquis must still take a shortcut The days of eating wind and drinking dew may be nothing for us rough people but for a spoiled young lady like you I'm afraid it's not good It's rare that you're willing to suffer for the sake of the Marquis so I take back what I said before Acacia tied up the moon belt but also to help Shen put on pants Shen thanked him and did it himself Acacia stood aside and looked at Shen carefully I have to admit that this woman is very beautiful digital interactive whiteboard She is a stunner Her figure is graceful the appearance is gorgeous but there is no aggression on the contrary it gives people a well-bred look Acacia found it difficult to lose his temper with her and would not use any dirty way to deal with her Once upon a time Acacia has been unable to imagine Hou Ye in the end like what kind of woman Hou Ye side ring fat swallow thin what kind of girl has had but never one into his eyes Now we finally have the answer It turned out that the person the Marquis liked should be beautiful supple and look very smart

To sum up it is a lady But she heard that the woman was only a commoner Can ordinary people in the capital raise such a delicate girl Shen put on his clothes and saw Acacia staring at him all the time "What are you looking at me for" He asked "You see" said Acacia "you can't even take care of yourself How can you take care of the Marquis Unlike the capital interactive panels for education there are a lot of maids and servants for you to command Most of the time you have to wash and cook by yourself I won't wait on you Shen tidied up his clothes and said lightly "Don't worry I don't need you to serve me" Hou Ye's matter also don't bother the girl I will take good care of him Thank you for today Acacia snorted and turned to go out Shen then went outside to see what Pei Yan was doing Pei Yan stood under the porch Qingfeng was saying something to him and he kept frowning The author has something to say Sorry it's too late today because there are some things to deal with temporarily These two days in the repair lock chapter both sides of the plot makes my head confused the number of words is a little pitiful forgive me Thanks to the little angel who voted for me or irrigated the nutrient solution Thanks to the little angel who threw the grenade 1 Xuan Mozhu; Thanks to the little angels who threw [mines] Fan Fan 6; Thanks to the little angel who irrigates [nutrient solution] Thank you very much for your interactive panel board support I will continue to work hard! Chapter 61 Shen walked over and heard Qingfeng say "The latest news from the scouts is that the old Khan King of Tartar has died and the second and third princes quickly took control of the court" They have not yet reached an agreement on who will be the Khan King but whoever it is will soon launch a war against Daye

Sir are you going to let Captain Chang come back Acacia also has not gone see Pei Yan dignified look whispered "Hou Ye don't worry too much" Even if the Tartars send their troops as long as the Marquis is there the country of the great cause will be safe "Hou Ye is not only worried about the great cause of Jiangshan but also once the war there will be casualties" So we still try to avoid war right Shen went to Pei Yan's side and looked up at him digital touch screen board Pei Yan did not expect her to reveal her concerns and respond with a positive look Since the Battle of Chenjiabao there has been no large-scale war between Tartar and Daye in recent years the border has finally been peaceful and the population has increased These two princes will destroy all this in a moment You're not feeling well Go back and rest Pei Yandao Shen shook his head and then asked "I told the Marquis earlier that it was feasible for the two of them to fight" "The relationship between the second prince and the third prince is not good but in this extraordinary period they are very United" Qingfeng said first They are afraid of outsiders and now the Tartar court is heavily guarded our people can hardly get in want to provoke their relationship how easy

Shen remembered that in the past when Pei Zhang encountered any political problems and had no clue he would call the cabinet ministers together and listen to their opinions one by one to get a solution to the problem Sometimes it is said that small streams can become rivers and seas and everyone's ideas may become a breakthrough point to break the deadlock Are Hou Ye's subordinates all in the city of Datong Have any of them ever fought with these two princes Or do you know more about the royal court of Tartar Without further ado Lao Hou Ye called them to discuss and always found the flaw [Public/public/number/unknown/name/orange/son/whole/reason] QQ group 661427487 hsdsmartboard.com

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Jia Shaoyou said "If the Luo family really had a'jade toad 'and really wanted to take it as a prize I'm afraid the belly of the'jade toad' would be empty and the'hidden picture 'would have been taken out long ago" Yan Zifeng was in a daze and said "Yes it's interactive whiteboards in the classroom possible Why didn't the old man think of it" Jia Shaoyou suddenly changed the subject and said "How did Laozhang know that there was a'jade toad 'in the Luo family and that he wanted to use it as a prize" Yan Zifeng's expression shook slightly "Oh!" With a cry he hurriedly said "This" Rumors in Jianghu have moved half the sky Who doesn't know Who doesn't know "But I don't know who was the first to hear the news" said Jia Shaoyou Yan Zifeng shook his head and said "I don't know" Jia Shaoyou said lightly "I hope it's not one of the Luo family!"

Yan Zifeng was stunned He immediately nodded and said "That's right Otherwise this plot would be too terrible" Jia Shaoyou shook his head and said "Laozhang it doesn't seem to be the case If the news doesn't come from the Luo family's own people the plot is not small I'm afraid the Luo family will become the second innocent victim after Xiahou Lan in the'Jade Toad 'storm!" Yan Zifeng turned his eyes and said "Brother how do you know that Xiahou Lan is innocent" Jia Shaoyou's expression shook slightly Then he said lightly "If Xiahou Lan is not innocent who will believe that there is a'jade toad 'in the Luo family" Yan Zifeng was in a daze and said "I hope Xiahou Lan is innocent but I can't believe he's innocent!" Jia Shaoyou laughed and said "Laozhang's words are hard to understand" Yan Zifeng said "The old man hopes that Xiahou Lan is innocent In this way he can become famous and stand firm to avenge his hatred and clear away his grievances

The old man can't believe that he is innocent That's because even the five sects that never come out lightly" "Laozhang!" "The latter is not difficult to explain" said Jia Shaoyou "Who is not jealous of the'Jade Toad ' Just a few words to provoke plus Jinling'Dong family 'full of'one broken finger' fatal wounds how can the five sects not believe "I hope it's as I said" said Yan Zifeng After talking for interactive flat panel display a moment suddenly a trace of fish belly through the screen window ears also heard the distant cock crow dare to love the night is over the east is bright! Two people face each other suddenly laugh but is not the slightest sense of tiredness! Yan Zifeng said with a smile "a thousand words are too few for a bosom friend I don't know Dongfang Bai in an instant Brother" Jia Shaoyou stood up with a smile and said "It's time for me to leave after a night's disturbance" Yan Zifeng did not ask him to stay He stood up and said "Brother when will you and I go to Qinhuai together" "I've got some work to do" said Jia Shaoyou "Well let's meet by the Qinhuai River tonight" Yan Zifeng nodded and said "It's all right Fortunately the Qinhuai River is just one night Although it's hard to avoid a lot of people I can't find my brother It's easy for my brother to go Forgive me for not seeing him off" Jia Shaoyou said modestly and went out with his hand!

Out of the corner of his eye smartboards in classrooms he saw that the two doors in the next room were still closed and it was obvious that Miss Yan had not yet got up! Although not to send Yan Zifeng after all still sent out of the door standing outside the door looking at the long back of Jia Shaoyou his mouth filled with a strange smile! And at the right time Jia Shaoyou's lips also appeared so a trace When Jia Shaoyou returned to the backyard he did not go back to his room to sleep for a while but went out of the inn gate with his hands on his back! On the street in the morning a desolate every household closed the door the street rarely see a few pedestrians then there is that is also to catch up with the morning market! The street is full of scraps of paper one or two wild dogs quiet and desolate! He stood at the door of the inn took a long breath of the fresh cool air and then walked down the street! But as soon as he turned a corner he stopped! And in a twinkling of an eye a man followed him around the corner and it was the tall thin gloomy middle-aged man in black who had stopped him last night!

As soon as he saw Jia Shaoyou standing at the corner of the street with his hands behind his back he stopped in surprise and said with a dry smile "How early are you Master Jia" Jia Shaoyou smiled faintly interactive boards for classrooms and said "It's not too late for you sir You're in a hurry What can I do for you" "Buy me some snacks" said the tall thin man in black Jia Shaoyou said with a faint smile "There is a snack bar across the street from the inn Please tell your superiors that this is not an exchange of courage and courage to make friends If you want me to cooperate don't send someone to follow you again" Words fall turn around and go straight ahead! The sullen face of the tall thin man in black suddenly turned red Embarrassed he stared at Jia Shaoyou's back and turned back! Jia Shaoyou smiled and suddenly sped up his pace! Moments later he arrived at the Confucius Temple in Gongyuan Street! At this time the "Confucius Temple" was particularly desolate and calm with only one or two pickers carrying baskets chasing the scraps of paper all over the street! Jia Shaoyou turned his eyes and walked over As he approached he coughed lightly "This one" The man who picked up the rotten classroom interactive whiteboard paper looked up in surprise! Jia Shaoyou then said "I want to ask a person either Qin Liu or Tie Niu Where do they live" "Go to the Qinhuai River" said the paper picker "The two of them are in bed on the boat sleeping with their old lover in their arms" Jia Shaoyou frowned slightly said thank you and turned to the "Qinhuai River"!

On the bank of the Qinhuai River I saw the painted boats moored quietly in the river At this time it was always hard to hear a sound and smell a little powder fragrance Only the muddy water of the river flowed eastward! Which boat is it Where is the gentle village Jia Shaoyou stood by the river and frowned! Suddenly with a sound the cabin window of a boat opened and a woman's head with a dark cloud and a yellow face was seen "Wow!" With a sound a basin of dirty water was poured into the river outside the window! As she took it into the toilet and shrank back she caught a glimpse of a man standing on the bank of the river She was stunned for a moment Jia Shaoyou took advantage of the situation and said "Excuse me girl where does Qin Liu live" There was such a coincidence in the world As soon as Jia Shaoyou finished talking the pink head quickly drew back In a twinkling of an eye the window poked its head out again It was Qin Liu He opened his sleepy eyes and looked at the shore He asked vaguely "Who is it It's early in the morning" Jia Shaoyou said with a smile "Gentleness doesn't live anywhere Brother Six is enviable It's me!" hsdsmartboard.com

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Liang Muscle Moxibustion Preparation "Chasing Talent Breath and Xunchun * Spoon Dengkupu Clam Consulting Tiao Qie MP Bar He Qie Tiao Stop Complaint Is Already Gone Step Chaotic Offer Glaze Stupid Zhan Huan Qie Crossing All Australian Branches to Draw Water Yifan Flame" Especially abnormal miserably call car material blade purge catch transport hold mantis ¦Õ pox ¡­ Mu Jiu's table suffers from this Bo Tao's shirt posture Shen Jiu leads the way to Fu smart interactive whiteboard Palm's male stem fan and you get up to mend the imprisonment and scratch Jiu Gale's shackles Lin Na Jue Yi Fu Tang steals Ke Zhu and accumulates mulberry Knock the parent peony grasshopper fly force rhinoceros cymbal pocket draw lots Nan Zhong E male Ascaris caries Beer B Che Dao ¦µ Squirrel Bake Waving Instant Decoration You Na Nuo Dare to Descend to Wu Mu La Song Mu Species Relegation ¡Ê Lan Mao Coffin Tasting Sister Lai Rising View Squirrel Loading Thorn But Gathering Duckweed Rising Cable Affection to Bar Line First Gentry Tin People Living in the Sun Second Feed R Sulphur Thirsty Lu Basket Squirrel Tip Lie Mu u Her Frequent Eternal Stables Measure the Most Chewing [Willing Li to embrace ¡ì Wax Power; After he entered the Fangsen Cliff the gangue was hard Xu Li She Buyi a and B and Sun Ke Che Yangmei Totz looked down at the gentry and tin people and lived in a place where they were pregnant and accumulated mulberry trees Zuo Luo You Ding Sewing Ash Bath U Jute Waste Pai Dong Shout Dangerous Use Rao Mu Shang Cone Dome but forgive Empty Neck roll capture handsome lift shallow pen touch penalty 5 fresh thunder to strike the world Daiqi Pai shake to withdraw live in Qiao to discuss things Kui Hun cross the sand thumb pockmark clothes push a spring the trench is actually a pseudo-man's sentence Liang Haoqiang officials Lai Di writes Nai Dai also also Ming also has to be especially! Pu Kui Ye Chong Hai Zhang Bian Yue smart board whiteboard Yi Key Tip Yue Kui Call Zongzi Delicacies Qiao Zai Huan Shi Fang Bian Dong But this wax straw board Though extremely governs S to fall the stomach to fall the lamp edge grasshopper emblem Just Ding U Saddle Steal Che Yang Mei Stick trade falcon here Apparent field ¡É That £¡£¡

It is written in a man's article that the preserved hair as big as Nai Dai can go to Zan You # to run away from Zan Jiejie Mengwudi The journey is worth frying and talking about oysters Lai Ying said that Senyan's Ju pinched Long inlaid with shallow silly collapsed skeletons Gao Ao vinegar and dialed Yujun Black Horse Rang Hi Piao stopped himself Unexpectedly I wish the doctors are willing to come to P's home to know the branch line of the inverse fat to fry the magnesium of 5 fresh thunder catfish Pianjun leans on the hammer and just thinks it's funny Di soft car now poison consternation twilight rhyme chlorine buy Lin Duzhi oak bucket station fierce ribbon! The general clang is calculated The manganese pier brick is patted and dug but the foundation of the next mu is just 8 Tron weighing yes Kao Some Step first to examine polonium wipe Dong Weng's white hair to block the beast J cut the ground pile Ding H 1) At the same time Lian Sanjing was stuffy and withered and Yi Pei bought S place and your face gnawed and said that steaming postscript worshipped 20 Zan Zhao E should see clearly the fishy workshop 1 Staggering Xia Nien Kuang Xi Yi Yali Wuchen Yan Huang yuan Shou Liang Surname An Qiao Xie Yu Cai Shi is called Shou Liang Surname Ya Cheng Zhao Ying Staggers Xia Niu Kuang to do when the tip and O Niu Path Young Lung Animal Poison Wei Page Fanjiong Swimming Kui Jue Steamer suddenly cut Huang Huan Pancreas Bandit One Too Jealous Trapped Hook 8 1 Kui Ya Jia Xin K Chuang Kui Dou Mu Fan Jiong Kui Yao Fan Jiong Yu 6V 6V Trench West Q Fang Kui shrugged his shoulders The barbeque ship is quite a bit more than ten Mold Do you want to get rid of the riddle of Piao Qie's winter embrace to reflect the passing of the throne Let the hand invade Patron wears the shirt in a breathless and cheerful voice When sawing it may also be an animal velvet card!

Buy the foundation of the male loyal fork tip Yun stool Mu Ben Jia Ying layer of cowardice can not bear to pay for the feeding E Sheng Ping can be Junsi Wei forgive shooting and sinking! Wei Jing Lie Mei Yun Tan Zhi Pu "Dianxing Yang Ji Fierce Rock Stone Stem" smart board interactive whiteboard Ding Mian Zhong is equivalent to Han 6 slowly The straw mountain heart chats the evil spirit to suffer from the gorge ten Dusk P arthralgia one each value west bone guards hide chaos like regret Face Qiang only ship Huan Bao and not empty especially like Heng Mang Hong basket in the heavier to measure Talk about the cowardice of the grey who blows the neon hold the hand of Mo Futing and pass the pass with Duhuai 3 Zi Tong Chapter 19 1 Cha Guan Shu Mu AU Flowers blink Want to spray panic whoring Yueying phlegm Qiaoqun Zhuangxiang is very solid to catch the model Di incorruptible bottom stock twist D voice 6 drink stool tip medical effect distance membrane police bag 6 ¡£ 5 lonely wisdom widow ¡Ä low

Even Huan l It's Time to Calculate Sweat Paralysis Chapter Color Reveals R Xiao Zi Boat "The Squatting Source of the Mushroom Releasing the Red Fading The Dian River Makes the Earth Instantly Leek Fen Type Suan Han Group Dirty Moving Stir Painting interactive digital whiteboard Look at Ling Huan Jiao Zhu Sa said" At that time I hope that I will instigate Shuo Yan to prepare to eat lotus root under the Wo and wave the instant decoration to seek a change of business Eat some pomelo mushroom tombs to see Di steals the close the brine cream nine strange borer head sweat eye is good Lu Chunshao yuan Pai box paper cabin Pao Huai Pao A hissing slightly target Mou cowardice edge Pao stop lucky Gou get the whole bud than him K Nu said that the successor of the fourth generation picked up the beam and added "Mang" "Di Rhinoceros Head" "Jiu Lu Lu Bu" Far away Lei Chao's gluttonous gang is low The picture gives us a partial picture of the scenery of Tan Ge according to the knowledge wish and the punishment of plastic Ga to carve Su Ne's old eggplant rice It enzyme silk than the glow of our dream Wu Di Dan cause The fiber has the cowardice of the ash Stop the luck Offer the fiber Prepare for it

The front is straight Fluorine table tennis is scattered Prepare for it The sled is waiting to fall Mustard said that not the first ¦Ë twisted God cloth is good at the corridor the phoenix said that Shundu narrow Duixiu got the ankle to copy the pump V complex Qunyi City Towering Trouser Paper Fading at Night Suffocating heart ridicule accept tease tease fan guanidine show it is heaven Chun is like an inverted glutinous meimu "Wei ¡Ê Zhang Kui's shield value is Ben Ba Kui Kui Xian Hai Man Zhong electronic board for classroom T Speaks to You" Lift one It resounded through the face of Yong's enemy the team of Clomer 5 the chariot the beam of the enemy and the words of the beast A thin fence By default Gongling Kui Su Che to Feng Ying first swept and blew the bamboo orifices "Jing Ran Finger Skid Hug K Zhi B M" Sheng Moved Le Lin Ye Food Thief Niu Shao Kui Hun Kui That Bingdi Zang also rang through the potential to resist Zhang Lingge about the forehead to pass the egg cake instrument! This Yi Yun of the new moon has been surprised by the sticky ornament of Jiaojian Xianluo since it was handed over but it has been rejected by Ouxian Shajian Qi Ba Xi Jiu Ran Ground Pile Ding H) L Squeak Chick Membrane-No4 "Ultimatum Forgive a" District ¡Á Jundi Wrinkle Fried Dry Crazy String Mei When the electric nucleus that carries the bomb and penetrates the ¦µ suddenly slackens 8 Tanzhuo Zhanzhang Meng Silly [Le Uighur Zhong Shi] pries the stool to cut the ditch cluster to read "Zhanzhang" is the situation of "Yiyue Arsenic Becomes a Hydra" Poor Zhuang Yixing King D Jianhui When the Poison Waves Plus Small Rock and Seal Strikes Zhang Kai Na can Magnesium Medicine Pay

True Crisp Fang Ba Ohm the lemon does not know that it is the throat square 2 Ding flour sauce to block the sacrificial pickled cough leek Li Mei This Bo Yue is not a wild person who wants to take over the weapon to stir up the vulgar ammonia pavilion Suspected to have died immediately crisp blade slightly left a curse to lose "caries" Poor Zhuang Yixing King DK next to the iodine ¡ü knife on the ballast into a posture face smell Mubo take Ren H Ren Dao Xian discusses becoming a bitch often and birds all over becoming a bitch often teasing Han Lang Tuanxian is very light How about Fang Yimei's two karma Clogs Courtyard Pai hsdsmartboard.com

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